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Der New York-Fotokalender 2013 in A3 ist für 20€ zzgl. einmalig 5€ für Verpackung/Versand bestellbar unter

Gedruckt in 13-seitigem A3-Querformat, auf hochwertigem 250g/m² Papier (Bilderdruck glänzend) enthält der neue Kalender vor allem viele neue Bilder meiner Reise in diesem Jahr nach New York. Der Versand ist übrigens auch in die EU zu einmalig 9€, in viele nicht EU-Länder (u.a. die Schweiz) zu einmalig 15€ möglich. Weitere Informationen zum Kalender sowie eine Vorschau auf das Layout und Informationen zur Aktion des Vorjahres sind online auf meinem Blog zu finden:

...are you still alive? I am (even if you might not think so).

I have to say THANK YOU to IsacGoulart who suggested my work westminster bridge as a DD. The shot was awarded yesterday and became my most faved piece of worke within 24 hours. This means a lot to me, thanks a lot to all of you who faved and appreciated it. Please make sure to visit IsacGoularts profile, he's one of these photographers who tell stories with their photos. I've been loving his work for quite a lot of years!

westminster bridge by toko

Since I've been working as a freelance journalist-photographer in Germany (I'm working at the German Bundestag - the national parliament - at the moment) I'm quite busy and lost sight of deviantART for a while. I see I need to come back.

Have a great day and enjoy your weekend everyone, I'm looking forward for your your words and try to upload some new stuff during the next weeks.
Thanks a lot!

empire state building by toko

Hey folks,

I'm back in the one city I love that much: New York City. I'll stay here from Feb. 26th to Mar. 6th. Anyone in town who is interested to take some cityshots together?

As usual I'm going to publish a blogpost with photo impressions every day on my blog. It would be so nice if you find the time to check out the posts on There will be a lot of new stuff during the next days, make sure you don't miss it :)
I'm always looking forward for any kind of critique or your comments (also in English) how you like the shots :nod:

To stay up to date just in time you can also LIKE my Facebook page or FOLLOW me on Twitter where I'm going to inform you as far as a new post is available. You'll find some special Instagram shots taken with the iPhone also daily only on my Twitter account.

All the best,
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Die Kalender sind ab sofort zu je 20€ + einmalig 4,90€ für Verpackung und Versand
(entfällt bei persönlicher Übergabe z.B. in Frankfurt) bestellbar unter

Weitere Informationen in meinem Blog.

Bei Interesse könnt ihr mich auch gerne direkt kontaktieren - bitte unter Angabe von
Stadt (Berlin oder New York), Anzahl, und eurer Adresse an PRINTS@TOKOO.DE.


For my English-speaking friends and watchers:
You can order an A3 (29,7 cm x 42 cm) calendar for 2012 with a selection of my photos
taken in New York during the last years. Price for the calendar is 20€, please contact me
if you want to order it or for more information about the shipping charges at PRINTS@TOKOO.DE
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DD / Next weeks

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 22, 2011, 8:11 AM
I just recognized that I got another DD. Thanks a lot to Anoya and ScENeYmE :) It's an older shot I took in Los Angeles in 2007.
WDCH by toko

Unfortunately as always I'm totally in lack of time. Been in Berlin last week to see System of a Down, enojoyed a music festival last weekend and will be in B. again from tomorrow to Monday to take photos. Have a look on my blog to find out more.

If you like my work and want to see more or get informed about new stuff: check out my Facebook page!

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tokography on Facebook

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 5, 2011, 9:25 AM

A lot of you asked me to add a Facebook page for the work I do. Here it is! :)

If you like what I do and you're interested in more regular updates and information about my work feel free to like this new Facebook page! You already find a lot of behind the scene photos available on this page beside some more galleries.

More photos from New York are going to be online on deviantART soon. I'll also be in London again in March, more information somewhen the next weeks :)

Gewinnspiel! (for German users)

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 28, 2011, 11:22 AM
An der Stelle ausnahmsweise ein Eintrag auf deutsch, da er lediglich die User aus Deutschland betrifft.
Da ich - inbesondere nach meinem letzten New York Aufenthalt im Januar 2011 - recht häufig nach der Möglichkeit gefragt wurde, Poster meiner NY Bilder zu bekommen, veranstalte ich auf meinem Blog derzeit ein Gewinnspiel.

    • 1. Platz
      - ein A2 hochglanz Poster mit einem Motiv deiner Wahl. Zur Wahl stehen alle auf dem Blog veröffentlichten New York Bilder der Reise im Januar 2011.
      - ein Satz mit fünf, zum Teil unveröffentlichten, schwarz-weiß hochglanz Bildern, Format 13x18 cm
      - ein A3 hochglanz Poster, Querformat- "times square II"

    • 2. Platz
      - ein Satz mit fünf, zum Teil unveröffentlichten, schwarz-weiß hochglanz Bildern, Format 13x18 cm
      - ein A3 hochglanz Poster, Hochformat - "w"

    • 3. Platz
      - ein A3 hochglanz Poster, Querformat - "lights everywhere II".

Alles Weitere zum Gewinnspiel, sowie häufig neue Bilder und mehr auf meinem Blog:

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Back in New York City!

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 3, 2011, 2:54 PM
Some hours to go and I'm in NEW YORK again :)

If you're interested in :camera: regular photo updates :camera: while I'm in New York: check out my blog!
(It's in German but don't worry just click on the photos in the boxes on the mainpage and the posts with a lot of photos will open. First entry should be available on Tuesday. I would be very happy if you give some direct feedback about the photos in the blog comments :))

If I find the time I'm also going to tweet some daily stuff from New York.
Check out tokoo on Twitter!
(It's also a lot of German stuff you'll find there but I plan to tweet in English while I'm overseas!)

I'll stay in NYC till January 12th. Can't wait for it :D And I'm so happy also to meet AnjaRoehrich again and take lots of photos with her :hug:

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New York, I'm gonna be back (in January)

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 20, 2010, 9:37 AM
New York, I'm gonna be back :heart:

I'll stay in NYC from

January 4th to January 12th 2011

to take lots of photos and enjoy this awesome city for the forth time :)

I'm also going to meet my good friend AnjaRoehrich again - shes living in New York at the moment. We plan to take photos and hopefully we get it managed to record a new podcast (you remember the "old" ones from April we recorded in Germany?).

Is anyone from my watchers living in New York and interested to meet me? Let me know it hopefully I find some time :)

:santa::xmas: I wish you all a nice christmas-time with your friends and families, enjoy your holidays and yourselves. Thanks for your support!! :xmas::santa:

Some features for you - I collected these images some weeks ago:
Rainy days across the window by SeoaneArt  So war das nicht gedacht. by gloeckchen blue eyes and spitfire. by CarolineZenker
:thumb185045536: Colorfullfall by Second-G Flash Forward I by Nightline
:thumb179664279: So please.. by gloeckchen :thumb180261298:

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italy and berlin

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 23, 2010, 10:35 AM
I'm going to be in Italy (the area around Milan & Lago Maggiore) next week (so that means I'm not with most of my friends during my brithday on Sept. 27th :/) and some hours after I get back home my plane to Berlin leaves already again.
A German politican invited me to stay for a week to take some photos around the governmental area including the German Bundestag (the German parliament) and also to take part in some conferences, meetings and debates. I'm very excited and I'm looking forward  for this great possibility. More information in his day.

More London photos are going to be online soon. I try to upload one more before I leave to Italy :nod:
Until then feel free to check out my blog for a lot of London-photo-impressions if you're interested to see the results :)

London, day 1.
London, day 2.
London, day 3. (including shots from the Muse concert @ Wembley Stadium - more photos and videos from this gig can also be found in this entry)
London, day 4.
London, day 5.
London, day 6.

Thanks for your great support, all your favs, comments, watches and nice words. It really means a lot to me :nod: I'm really sorry that I haven't always time to reply on every single comment but be sure I read an appreciate all of them :highfive:

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greetings from london

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 10, 2010, 2:24 PM
if you're interested in some photo updates from london (including shots from the muse gig @ wembley stadium) check out my blog at!


i'm sitting in a pub in london with Xenon-8 (he shares his internetconnection right now...rally kind of him :nod:) and mareika, drinking a beer and eat some stuff. we've had a nice day and took some good photos today, Xenon-8 and mareika guided me and a friend through the city.
we just thought about you and wanted to say "hello" ;)

it's from left to right:
:iconxenon-8:, :icontoko: and :iconmareika:

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wanna meet in london?

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 30, 2010, 9:57 AM
I'm going to be in London from September 9th to September 14th!

The main reason for my trip is the Muse concert @ Wembley Stadium on Sept. 11th but of course I'm also very excited to take lots of photos in the UK.

Are there any deviants out there who are interested to meet me on Sept. 10th in London to take me on a (photo)tour through the city? Would be very amazing to meet at least some of my dA-friends and watchers there. :)
I'm there with four friends of mine, two of them attend the gig on Sept. 10th and the other two spontaneously decided to order two more tickets for Sept. 10th without asking me (well you see...good friends I have :roll:). The thing is: I'm alone and have absolutely nothing to to in London on the afternoon & the evening of Sept. 10th.
One more thing in general: if you know any nice (must) photo spots in London I would be very thankful if you share some of them here :nod:

So far for the moment. More photos very soon I'm just a bit in lack of time during the last days. I'm also going to answer on your comments as soon as possible :nod:

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fisheye results online, met nicole and features

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 19, 2010, 10:13 PM
Late night/early morning post :nod:

It was so exciting and such a pleasure for me to meet a good friend of mine (I got to know her on deviantART!) on Wednesday and Thursday: MyLoveisMusic - make sure that you check out her gallery she has got a lot of nice photos online.

We went to Frankfurt on both days and did some more test-shots with my new fisheye lens. One word is enough: awesome! Even if the walimex 8mm isn't made for full-frame cameras I did a lot of shots with my 5D and the angle looks incredible (I also took some test shots on my 30D with Dealerchen during the last days. More soon!).

You can find some photos from Frankfurt on my blog! It's in German but you can find all the photos below the text - and I don't think you need to speak German to have a look at the photos :dance: -- I'm going to upload some of these photos here on dA during the next days, too :)

It was so much fun with Nicole and I hope we're going to meet again in some time :hug:


Faint Shadow by solefield Oh my God by TheYummyOne Second Lane by FallStand
Sihlcity IV, Zurich by Nightline Sundance by Karisca Behind blinding light by Dealerchen quiet days. by CarolineZenker
More Fantastic Than Any Dream by solefield Science of Sleep by severinearend L.O.V.E. by adayofsunrise
Water Drops 70 by ovidiupop :thumb158292036: Mirame by laura-o0o
:thumb171034873: Rain at 5 o'clock by FallStand

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new equipment (fisheye) thanks for a new sub

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 12, 2010, 5:49 AM
A big THANK YOU goes out to fritsenator who bought me a new one year premium membership :wow: Thanks so much for that it means really a lot to me :)
He's the founder of the europeans-group for all European people on deviantArt. So if you're an European go and check out this group - it's worth it :nod:


This time I also got some "equipment-news". As you may know some weeks ago I asked you to suggest me a fisheye to buy. After I read a lot of reviews and test, saw sample photos and talked to some people who already got a fisheye-lens (like alsebka who gave me some information) I finally decided to take the walimex 8mm fisheye. It's a manual fisheye (no autofocus and manual aperture) but it works really fine. Both on the Canon EOS 30D and also the Canon EOS 5D (with a black border). I took some sample photos for you and I'm going to take some "real" (or good?) ones during the next days in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. I'll take this lens to my London trip (Sept. 9th to Sept. 14th - more information soon), too, hoping for some new and different ideas and shots!
Check out these sample photos and be patient for some real ones :)

(click on the image to enlarge!)


And again to all of you - I can't say it often enough: Thanks for your support, your watches, favourites and all your nice words.
Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy yourselves :nod:

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and the winners are..

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 25, 2010, 4:07 PM
I'm a week to late but nevertheless - I got the "winners"!

The 3 month subscription goes out to person number 27 (counting from first to last) who commented on my last journal and the winner is: zuckerblau. Congratulations und herzlichen Glückwunsch ;)

The 100.000th user on my page has been cin425. PsycheAnamnesis, floophya, inkeen and CarolineZenker have been also really close to the 100.000th hit.
Thanks again to all my visitors for your words and your great support :thanks:
This is a feature with selected works of the persons mentioned above - I hope you enjoy it.

:thumb126302998: I've been thinking about you by inkeen :thumb168593922:
Transition. by cin425 what we will never know. by CarolineZenker
Sunset by floophya

More of my photos soon :)

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WIN 2 times! almost 100.000 pageviews -- features

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 15, 2010, 1:20 PM
It's nearly done - it's just a simple number but I wanna say THANK YOU for almost 100.000 pageviews, almost 1.500 watchers and sooooo much support from all of you. It means a lot to me :)

For this reason I'm giving out
* a free 3 month subscription to one of my watchers who commented on this journal! Ends on Sunday, July 18th, 12pm (German time) -- The winner is gonna be selected by
* a feature in my next journal for the person to catches my 100.000th pageview (or anything next to 100.000 if there's no one who caught the 100.000 - send me a screen by note please!) a photographer/(drawer) would be nice :)

Be sure to check out my "newest" deviations. A lot more during the next weeks (I'm about to plan some photo-tours). I got to write one housework for university untill next week after that I got free until October :nod:

die nacht by toko raining again by toko standing in the rain by toko


Check out these works - some of my latest favs

FlowerBomb by inkeen :thumb163787727: Abstract Stairs by zuckerblau
movingaction by BluishBubbles daydreamer by kathrinska I'm in love with this lie by MyLoveisMusic
Shopping: Are u ready to fly? by blueanto :thumb162794468: Later Summer Fields by iDANIELGFX
:thumb159650576: hush hush by inkeen a touch of summer by hanghuhn
Street Orchestra by cahilus :thumb170092184: don't call my name by ex-girlfriend

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Journal Entry: Sat May 22, 2010, 8:11 AM
I think about buying a fisheye-lens (esepcially for the next New York trip and my city shots in general) and I need your help. Do you have any ideas and/or suggestions which one is the best? Do you also own a fisheye-lens and can provide a progress report or show me sample photos? Would be a great help :thanks:

I own the Canon EOS 30D and the Canon EOS 5D and the lens should be usable with both of these cameras.

Thanks for your help best wishes to all of you and enjoy the weekend!

P.S.: More new photos (including New York shots) are going to be online soon :]

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passion and xxchange // GOT A BLOG NOW :)

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 26, 2010, 1:26 AM
Walk into passion by AnjaRoehrich

Have u seen this already? AnjaRoehrich and me got the same idea while walking over the street and this is "her vision" of it :nod: Stay tuned for another (diffeent) version that I took.
We spent an awesome weekend together and I'm going to drive home in about an hour. :(
And by the way - have you already seen those two "behind the scenes" videos from our weekend - including some making of's?
--  xxchange Photography Podcast 4 "xxchange meets toko vol 2" Day 1  
-- xxchange Photography Podcast 4 "xxchange meets toko vol 2" Day 2


For all the English readers: I got a new blog now - it's gonna be in German but there will be lots of photos online so feel free to follow this blog too:

Auch für alle Leser, die der deutschen Sprache mächtig sind, gibts nun eine Neuauflage meines Blogs: zu erreichen unter und - bleibt ebenso weiterhin bestehen.
In ebendiesem Blog soll es um Fotografie aber auch "das Leben ansich" gehen :P Wer also Interesse hat, darf mir dort gerne folgen, ich freue mich :)

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UPDATE - results: meeting xxchange again // BUSY

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 24, 2010, 11:49 AM
I'm in Cologne from today (Thursday) to Monday to meet AnjaRoehrich again :)
We really enjoyed the first days and got the first video (CHECK IT OUT!) and also some results online on xxchanges tumblr, her and my twitter and on deviantART, too. Check out this photo she took of me:

I took some photos of AnjaRoehrich today in Leverkusen (Japanese garden) and we're just back from a spontaneous trip to a field to take some conceptual shots while the sun was going down. Get ready for the results they're so great :nod:

Thanks to all of you for your great support but please (as always) be so kind to give me some time to answer you cause the university started again and theres already so much work to do :( But I'll upload some new stuff during the next weeks :)

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GAGA POWER!!!! llamas

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 1, 2010, 5:13 AM
Whats your army and/or team? Don't mess with us cause you can't beat TEAM GAGA mwhahahahaha :#1:

...and it's LLAMA DAY today - give out some Llamas c'mon! (and notice me if you don't have a Llama yet!)

Did you heard about some more funny April Fools' yet? Share your experiences today and have a great day :D

Thanks for your comments, favs and support for my latest work "post blue". Never thought that you'd like it that much :wow: I'm sorry that I'm still a bit behind answering on your stuff but I relocate to the cellar at the moment so theres a lot of stuff to do at home. More new uploads this week (..and my desktop computer still isn't working :/) :nod:

Next: a journal is for features only :)
First of all those works I selected some days ago.

Freedoom by vinxibit :thumb141821445: What you did to me. by Cocooue Im so sad by siamesesam
:thumb104957720: up or down? by kraftseins CAPTURE by renansa
ONE MAN SHOW by getcarter the hermite II -re-edit- by fr-ae-nk here you go, toko by martinasdf

...and some new ones!

:thumb156100339: exit from the deep by thePetya cigar by thePetya
:thumb132480382: :thumb154347228: Vinatge Wedding VIII by lullabyx57
:thumb157551303: GRANDAD SAVE ME by Ben-Dickson Friends by Racama
:thumb104310800: Going Down by zuckerblau Spinning Colors by ambie-bambi
A Song for You by ambie-bambi Bedouin by benefitofbeingme dml by antistarlykan

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